Your Design

  • Bespoke

Here at Kelly Brothers we give you the freedom to design your own door to perfectly complement your project. Once you have imagined a design, our team of specialist engineers and designers will take it to the next level ensuring functionality, so that you can be certain that the requirements are being met without hindering your personal design.

Choose your opening


Once you are pleased with the aesthetics of your door design our engineers will then look at a number of attributes so that your door design perfectly coincides with the plans for your project. The first attribute looked at is the opening for your door. Most doors in use today open one way, on ball-bearing hinges, which come as standard. Concealed hinges are another option, these hinges cannot be seen from the inside or the outside of the door which gives a sleeker appearance to your design. Other options are self-closing hinges, which eradicates the need for an overhead closure and double-action hinges which are what enable swinging doors. You will also be able to have your design on a sliding opening or even whereby the door opens into the wall, known as a pocket door. Which are ideal in places where space is too limited for the door to be able to open fully, which in the same scenario a bi-fold door can be used. This is whereby the door is halved in the middle and joint together with hinges which means that the door looks the same as the others when closed but ensures a full opening once opened, which is often a solution to wheel chair accessibility.


Choose the functions


With new innovative technologies fresh on the market every day, here at Kelly brothers we are constantly thinking of innovations and of how we can incorporate them into your door sets. However, what keeps our customers happy, is that we work closely with them to fully understand what their needs, expectations and perceptions are of their door sets. In simplest form they want a door as a form of privacy blocking sight from the next room. Others need doors for barriers to sound, which we then add acoustic seals along the frame and a drop down seal beneath the door, which together reduce the noise that can be heard from the next room overwhelmingly. Brush seals are used along with drop-down seals ensuring air-tightness, retention of heat and the exclusion of drafts. Another important function of a door is to act as a barrier to entry as security. A timber or solid core door is usually sufficient in achieving this, however we can make anything upon request, having even made a steel-lined door, held in a steel frame before for a safe room in the home of a famous music producer. This door had the exact same appearance as the rest of the traditionally joined wooden doors in the house as it incorporated plant on stiles and panels. 

Simple. Natural. Italian.

Choose your finish

We offer an extensive range of finishes, from locally sourced ash to walnut imported from South America. It is similar to our hardboard core doors that come in any finish that your mind can imagine, we work alongside veneer specialists both in Ireland and all over the world, importing unique pieces in order to ensure that your designs are exactly as you want them. Other options for our solid core doors are formica finishes, which come in an array of colours and designs from marble to leopard print and from white to multi-coloured. This finish is both incredibly durable and easy to clean. We even offer different finishes on both sides of the doors, ie.  For example one side of a door could have a formica finish whilst the opposite having a wooden veneer or any finish of your choice so that you can have a door that is bright, durable and easy to clean for the likes of a playroom whilst not changing the appearance of your hallway from the opposite side. We also offer a range of door covers such as accrovyn, which has anti-bacterial properties that contributes to reducing germs in places like hospitals. Covers such as steel are commonly used in restaurant kitchens are also an option to help assist in maintaining the cleanliness of an area.


Choose your glass

If your door design incorporates glass, it is no problem for our specialist craftsmen, with the addition of a CNC router to our factory site in Monaghan, we can cut glazing templates using computer automated programmes, so that your door glazing is completely accurate and proportionate in relation to your design, these templates are then scribed onto the actual piece which is the cut out by the hands of highly skilled carpenters meaning we can incorporate glass of whatever shape you want in your design. We are also continually conducting market research and developing relationships with glass suppliers to ensure that our customers are getting the most efficient and cost effective glass in relation to U-values, heat retention and the prevention of the spread of fire for the best possible prices. 

choose your hardware/extras

Last but not least your hardware, we have strong relationships with many hardware manufactures throughout Ireland and Europe meaning we can supply quality handles, numbers and knockers for your doors at a much lower cost than retailers. We also offer a range of finger and knuckle protectors that cover both of the gaps on the hinge side of the door to prevent little fingers getting caught. Other accessories we also supply for your door are external weather seals, post boxes, fish eye lenses and all types of locks for your project.