Fire Doors

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Fire integrity is one of the most fundamental criteria for doors in assisting the escape of building occupants and allowing access for fire-fighters.

At Kelly Doors we have developed our existing door range to include fully certified fire doors and fire doorsets which include FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120. With the huge range on offer Kelly Doors can provide a solution for your fire door requirements.

Traditional. Irish.

Kelly brothers use only the best timber with dense annual rings and an attractive knot profile resulting in an attractive grain and surface durability.

Our combination of superior Scandinavian kiln-dried Redwood timber, selected to our specifications together with the traditional mortice and tenon joints, ensures that our doors offer greater durability and significantly fewer problems with twisting and warping.

Flexibility enables Kelly Doors to offer over 40 different styles in any size of redwood doors from its Traditional Range.


The Traditional Collection


The Simple.Natural.Italian range by Kelly Doors offers unique and sophisticated Italian designed door sets.

The Italian Range is an affordable collection of exclusive and patented doors, with over 100 finishes and any style to choose from. The door sets are manufactured using methods that enable them to be easily installed in an old or new build situation. An elegant door from this range can be selected to match your home Interior, providing the opportunity for individual customisation.

For a new build, a style and finish can be selected, which will best compliment your home interior. In a renovated home, the complete door sets add a touch of modernity with the minimum amount of hassle.

The Complete Door Set is Pre-finished and manufactured using the latest technology, which allows us to create a door which offers a beautifully smooth, hard wearing surface. The Complete Door Set includes Italian style lock and handle, architrave and skirting with no further treatment necessary.

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the doors are also very functional, offering a beautifully smooth, hardwearing surface, which requires no further treatment once installed. Skirting can also be selected to match the finish of your door, therefore completing your room

The Italian Collection

Pre-hung fire doors

Correct specification alone is not enough to ensure fire-resisting performance, poor installation to ensure fire resisting performance, poor installation can reduce the door integrity to a fraction of its potential and invalidates the fire certificate.

BS8214: Code of Practice for Fire door assemblies with non-metallic leaves gives guidelines on the specification, construction installation and maintenance of the assemblies.

All Kelly Doors fire doors can be supplied as complete prehung fire door assemblies ensuring that the fire-resistance of the doorset is not compromised by the on-site addition of hardware or the use of unapproved frames, intumescents, closer ect.

pre hung

Joinery Doors

Continuing development of our product range has resulted in a fire-rated version of our Traditional and Italian ranges. Kelly Doors have worked closely with suppliers and Chiltern to develop these attractive alternatives to hardboard cored fire-doors.

Kelly Doors can manufacture to order joinery doors in the timber of your choice [FD30 >495kg/m and FD60 >650kg/m] providing you with an attractive solid timber door. Glazed versions of the door are available using Chiltern approved proprietary glazing systems. Standard and Off-standard sizes.

Even more choice is available with our fire-rated Italian range. This designer range offers over 100 finishes and is supplied as a fully pre-hung fire doorset including including latch/lock, handle and architrave as well as the standard fire door components. Standard and Off-standard sizes.


Kelly Doors advise anyone regularly involved in the installation or speciation of fire doors to obtain a copy of BS8214, which is available from NSAI or BSI. Kelly doors are recognised as Approved Fire Door Installers under the Chiltern certified scheme.

Correct installation of a fire door is vital to safe-guarding lives and property, by using Kelly Doors trained fitters you can assure that you meet the relevant standards and don’t invalidate any fire certificates. If installing the doors yourself we can advise you on the installation of all our fire sets.

Tested and Certified

This is Fire Test being carried out by Chiltern on our fire doors. In this test the door is set on fire on one side and timed to see if it can withstand the fire for the correct length of time, be it 30 minutes, an hours and hour and half and so on depending on the specifications.

fire test