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Being in Business for over a century, one of our fortes lies in our ability to adapt and find solutions to any challenges our clients put infront of us. The continued development of our products has resulted in more choices available with both sheeted and panel doors now available in either solid timber or hardboard core with a choice of mouldings to compliment your design.

Moulded Panel Doors FD30/FD60

These economically priced moulded panel doors are available in 2/3/4 or 6 panel configurations with a smooth or wood-grain effect.The doors are manufactured from a composite wood construction ensuring strenght and durability. This range is available in both FD30 and FD60 range. 

Moulded Panel

Flush FD30/FD60

Flush hardboard-core fire-doors are available in a wide variety of finishes from economy paint-grade to high quality wood veneers with detailed in-lays, mouldings can be added to compliment your chosen design.  Using proprietary glazing systems Kelly Doors can incorporate glazed apertures into your door design.  In liaison with Chiltern International Fire we can manufacture  fully-certified bespoke door designs for your project. This range is available in both FD30 and FD60 range in both standard and off-standard sizes.


Traditional solid timber doors

Kelly brothers use only the best timber with dense annual rings and an attractive knot profile resulting in an attractive grain and surface durability.

Our combination of superior kiln-dried timbers, selected to our specifications together with the traditional mortise and tenon joints, ensures that our doors offer greater durability and significantly fewer problems with twisting and warping.

Flexibility enables Kelly Doors to offer over 40 different styles in any size of redwood doors from its Traditional Range.



The Simple.Natural.Italian range by Kelly Doors offers unique and sophisticated Italian designed door sets.

The Italian Range is an affordable collection of exclusive and patented doors, with over 100 finishes and any style to choose from. The door sets are manufactured using methods that enable them to be easily installed in an old or new build situation. An elegant door from this range can be selected to match your home Interior, providing the opportunity for individual customization.

For a new build, a style and finish can be selected, which will best compliment your home interior. In a renovated home, the complete door sets add a touch of modernity with the minimum amount of hassle.

The Complete Door Set is pre-finished and manufactured using the latest technology, which allows us to create a door which offers a beautifully smooth, hard wearing surface. The Complete Door Set includes Italian style lock and handle, architrave and skirting with no further treatment necessary.

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the doors are also very functional, offering a beautifully smooth, hard-wearing surface, which requires no further treatment once installed. Skirting can also be selected to match the finish of your door, therefore completing your room

Italian doors